“There is no place in2019微信红包接龙群二维码419orld that would toler

rate such atrocious, violent acts. Hong Kong will slide into the abyss if such acts of terror are allow

ed,” the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong SAR said in a statement.2019微信红包接龙群二维码419

The most urgent and common aspiration of the Hong Kong p

ublic is to end violence and restore peace and order, the liaison office added.

2019微信红包接龙群二维码419The past weekend saw illegal protests on Hong Kong Island, in K

owloon and the New Territories, as protesters adopted hit-and-run tactics.

A total of 149 people were arrested for taking part in the illegal protest2019微信红包接龙群二维码419

s and suspicion of committing violent acts over the weekend, according to the police.

2019微信红包接龙群二维码419女神会所Fifteen of them were classified as “extreme violent rioters”. They w

ere arrested in relation to the protests in Causeway Bay on Sunday night. Police sa

id they classified the 15 suspects because they had allegedly used “lethal weapons”.2019微信红包接龙群二维码419

Deputy Police Commissioner Chris Tang Ping-keung said the police have zero tolerance for violence.

Meanwhile, around 4 pm on Monday, Airport Authority Hong Kong canceled the day’s remaining

2019微信红包接龙群二维码419女神会所flights after thousands of protesters swarmed the main terminal building for a fourth day, the

biggest disruption yet to the major aviation hub since demonstrations began in early June.

The cancellations came after operations at Hong Kong Inter2019微信红包接龙群二维码419

national Airport had become “seriously disrupted” by the sit-in, the authority said.

2019微信红包接龙群二维码419女神会所On the same day, Hong Kong’s Secretary for Transport and Housing Frank

Chan Fan said in a news conference that the unlawful assembly will lead to en

ormous losses, damaging the economy and the livelihoods of airport staff, he said.